Round-up of articles

Here is a list of my most recent articles: from the TES, The Critic and CapX:


Why schools must try to move away from Covid talk 7th September

Has Covid turned us all into trads? 29th September

Should we be missing school consultants? 30th October

Politicians, try spending a day in teachers’ shoes 12th November

Book review: Inadequate 29th November

Why this Eton’s mess isn’t any of Williamson’s business 7th December

We shouldn’t call 2021’s exams ‘GCSEs’ and ‘A levels’ 11th January

Why insisting on holding IB exams is unfair to students 19th January

Why the IB cancelling exams leaves us with questions 16th February

GCSEs: ‘Gavin has left a big whoopsie on our carpet’ 26th February

Don’t pay private heads less – pay state heads more 10th March

Is there still a place for single-sex schools? 26th March

Why state teachers’ pensions could be under threat, too 22nd April

TAGs, you’re it: Why this is a game teachers can’t win 24th May

The Critic

Is there a future for GCSEs and A levels? 6th October

Shirley Williams – her legacy for education 12th April

An educational dystopia May 2021

The perils of privilege 7th May

Rules of enragement 30th May


The idea that exams kill creativity is fashionable nonsense 25th May