Recent columns in the TES

Here are some of my most recent columns in the TES:

My review of Inadequate by Priya Lakhani

Why this Eton mess isn’t any of Williamson’s business

Don’t call 2021’s exams ‘GCSEs’ and ‘A levels’

Why insisting on holding IB and IGCSEs is unfair to students

Two articles on A levels

I’ve written two articles on this year’s (hopefully unique) A level results. Here is my first piece, in TES, anticipating the storm we’re currently living through. And here is my latest piece for The Critic, on how the government made a crisis something much, much worse.

Some recent columns

Here are some links to articles I have had published recently.

Firstly, my regular column for the TES can be found here. It continues to be the main outlet for my writing.

Here’s a piece I enjoyed writing for The Critic. It seems dated now (doesn’t everything pre-Covid-19?), but the main argument – that the Conservatives are not the close friends of independent schools that is often claimed – holds.

I was asked to write an article for The Copyright Licensing Authority on why teachers should write. You can find it here.

And here is an article I wrote for Odgers on vocational pathways in education.